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With the good discretion, a wide flexibility of angles, and zoom lens, the dome camera can be used in massive area surveillance, such as public areas, transports, and factories. As a consequence, it is a new choice for the growing number of camera users.
Dome cameras appear in the CCTV market by different transformations, for example, panoramic surveillance cameras, speed dome camera, and PTZ dome camera. However, if you are looking for housings to enhance camera’s features, there won’t be enough options because dome type housing is relatively niche in this accessory market compared to box ones.

LonTrend Series Introduction
- When it comes to LonTrend Stainless steel series, LTES09 is suitable for marine applications because it can prevent the surface of equipment from the corrosion of salt water.
- LTES10 is designed for the dusty environment as well as indoor sanitary factory in which application corrosive chemical cleaner is usually used. Thanks to its compact design, LTES10 is also suitable for limited installation environment like tunnel or underpass.
- For hazardous applications like oil & gas and industries, Explosion-proof series will be your best choice. We have LTEX07 and LTEX13, they are for mini dome cameras. Our best seller, LTEX09, is large enough to include PTZ camera.
- If you are looking for general housing to go with your camera modules, LTEG09 or LTEV03 with built-in IR will be your best options. If you require the pan and tilt dome housing, LTPD series could meet your needs.

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