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Across almost every industry sector in many parts of the world, chlorine-based refrigerants have been phased out due to their impact on the earth’s atmosphere. As new, more climate-friendly refrigerants have been introduced in industrial refrigeration systems, special types of lube oils are needed to lubricate the compressor’s moving parts.
This places special demands on lube oil pumps. For example, elastomers and other materials in the refrigeration system must be compatible with the new refrigerants and lube oils. Mechanical seals and static sealing need to withstand vacuum suction, due to the water-absorbing, hygroscopic characteristics of new refrigerants. This makes it necessary to remove any aqueous vapours from the installation before it is filled with oil. In addition, today’s sustainable refrigerants often demand a higher design pressure.


DESMI’s ROTAN® pump meets all of the demands for a lube oil pump for modern refrigeration systems. Based on a well-proven design from 1915, it has been continually modified in close co-operation with refrigeration systems manufacturers. Today, its unique, modular concept is generally recognised as the most advanced internal gear pump design available. Ricky Frampton, General Manager at DESMI Dubai office explains that DESMI works hard to respond to crucial market developments, listening to the ever-changing needs of customers. “To meet the stricter requirements for sustainable solutions in the refrigeration sector, we have modified our pumps over the years based on the input from various key customers,” he says.

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